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In 2013 Venus Citrus started promoting the sustainable fruit growing practices of local growers with the 'Eco Citrus' brand.

Growers for this brand have been selected due to their existing environmental philosophies, and care for their properties and surroundings.

Choosing to buy an Eco product means you are supporting a more environmental, healthier and socially responsible food system.

All our growers are 'Freshcare Environmentally' certified.

Venus Citrus Sustainability

'Environmental is a whole farm approach, promoting sustainability and a future for the industry'

The mighty River Murray is the life line of our local district. It is the home of native plants, animals, birds, fish and invertebrates.

It supplies valuable water for towns, cities and our horticultural production.

It must be looked after for generations to come.

'Our survival would not be possible without this element'

Venus Citrus Sustainability

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is the production of our citrus products using farming techniques that protect the environment.

This form of agriculture enables us to produce healthy food without compromising the future generations ability to do the same.

Sustainable farms protect biodiversity and foster the development and maintenance of a healthy eco system.

Sustainable food production systems preserve the lands capacity to grow and nourish food into the future.

Sustainable agriculture minimises damage to the environment and offers a safe working environment supporting and enhancing rural life and human health.


Everything lives in an ecosystem. A healthy ecosystem is dependant, maximising biodiversity of species and elements that interace in a harmonious way.

If one or part of an ecosystem is damaged or disappears it has an impact on everything else.

When a system is balanced and healthy, scientists say it is sustainable.

Venus Citrus Sustainability

Venus Citrus Systems
Venus Citrus Products
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